Use Apple Pay to pay for your car journeys

Use Apple Pay to pay for your car journeys

A safe technology enabling contactless payment

Apple Pay can be used by Private Drivers and their customers in Lyon since July 2016. This contactless payment technology enables you to pay for your car journeys directly with your iPhone (6, 6S, SE and 7) or your Apple Watch. Concerning the security aspect of this payment method, you have nothing to worry about, it is all handled by Apple. Indeed, for safety reasons, you will have to use your fingerprint in order to confirm every payment.

Why should you use Apple Pay rather than your traditional credit card?

Apple Pay is a convenient method of payment which you can benefit from if you use it to pay your private driver, and here is why:
 Most of the time, passengers who need private drivers are in a hurry and they won’t deny the fact that every single minute matters. With Apple Pay, you are able to pay in a couple of seconds, without having to type your credit card code, which most of us tend to forget when we are in a rush.
 When you pay with your regular credit card, you automatically pay heavy taxes and additional fees because you are abroad. If you use Apple Pay, you will actually save your money as you won’t have anything to pay other than the cost of the car journey itself.

Does my bank allow me to use Apple Pay?

Whether you are a customer or a Private Driver in Lyon, your bank has to be compatible with the Apple Pay technology to enable you to pay your car journeys with your iPhone or your Apple Watch. Here is the most recent news about the compatible banks:

Is it possible to use Apple Pay when travelling with the private drivers of Davoyage?

We have some good news for all our customers, whether they be French or International. Since November 1st, 2016, your favorite company of Private Drivers is now allowing contactless payments via Apple Pay.

What are your thoughts about Apple Pay? Have you ever used this payment method for your journeys in Lyon? We’d love to hear your feedbacks!